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Euclid Network Annual Conference

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Euclid Network Annual Conference will be taking place in Strasbourg on 15th January 2014 as one of the official side events to the big conference on Social Entrepreneurship “Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say!”, organised by the European Commission. 

Euclid’s conference will focus on how civil society and social entrepreneurs can mobilise to find solutions together. Whilst attending interactive workshops, the participants will work together to solve five concrete challenges from across Europe. With 100-150 participants expected, it will be a comprehensive experience, focusing on the four Euclid benefits of learning, piloting, advocating and networking.

They we are looking for challenges that people might face as entrepreneur, as an organisation, or in their local community. The five selected challenges will then be tackled during the event in Strasbourg.

The application form for the challenges can be found on here and you can also already register for the conference here: “Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say!”

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